Selected Projects

Sana'a Sewage Treatment Plant, Sana'a, Yemen

A joint venture project with Dumez GTM of France. Sewage treatment facilities for the city of Sana’a.



Water Sanitation Plant, Sana'a, Yemen  



- Reinforced concrete inlet pumping station to receive daily flow of 50000 m3 - Two Nos. detritors units fixed to reinforced concrete detritors' structure.
- 97000 m3 capacity reinforced concrete aeration tanks composed of 8 Nos. independent tanks, - 8 Nos., 30 m. diameters circular reinforcement concrete settlement tanks
- Chlorination plant
- 4 Nos. 18 m. diameters circular reinforcement concrete sludge thickening tanks - Effluent storage lagoon 200 000 m3 capacity made of earth bound
- 12 Nos. sludge drying beds



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